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Welcome to Republic of Jungle!

Welcome to Republic of Jungle. The greatest nation on earth, the biggest superpower of the world, and the land of the truly free, where all animals are equal, and nobody preys on anybody. You work in the Bite House for President Puma, the last president in a long line of fine feline presidents. He is in trouble, because some of you have chosen to betray him and leak his confidential affairs to…

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You can now play Republic of Jungle on our website!

image from the first stream of our game on Twitch Hello friends, After months of work, we are ready to make an early version of Republic of Jungle availble to public on our website. We'd love to have you take a look, play with your friends and provide feedback. We have made an interactive tutorial that makes it super easy to learn the game! Make sure to check it out. Our game is great for playing…

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How Republic of Jungle started, and why we're building it

Social deduction games have always been a great source of entertainment for me, whenever I have large group of friends around. Back in 2016, we moved on from the classics of the genre e.g. Mafia, Werewolf to experiment with some of the newer games. One of the games that we played a lot with large groups, was One Night Ultimate Werewolf due to its quick and lightweight nature and accommodation of…

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