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Update #3: What Happened at PAX and SIX and What's Next for Republic of Jungle

We're done with all the virtual expos for now. Therefore, I wanted to give you a brief update on what happened at the expos and the development progress of Republic of Jungle. First off, let's talk about the expos. We had a great time at PAX. We played RoJ with our good friends at CliquePlayLive every single day during PAX (which was great, and you can still watch the VODs on their Twitch channel…

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Our Steam Page, our virtual booth at PAX Online, and lots of live streaming!

Ok... I finally get a break from what we've been doing to actually talk about what we've been doing! First off, we have a Steam page now! Please add Republic of Jungle to your Steam wishlist. It's a huge help and energy boost for us and it makes us more discoverable on Steam. If you do one thing to support us, let it be wishlisting us on Steam and asking your friends to do it too. Just in case I…

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