Update #3: What Happened at PAX and SIX and What's Next for Republic of Jungle

We're done with all the virtual expos for now. Therefore, I wanted to give you a brief update on what happened at the expos and the development progress of Republic of Jungle.

First off, let's talk about the expos. We had a great time at PAX. We played RoJ with our good friends at CliquePlayMark every single day during PAX (which was great, and you can still watch the VODs on their Twitch channel); we were on the PAX Rising section of the exclusive PAX event page on Steam, and we had a few dev Q&A sessions on the live broadcasts on our Steam store page. We got many wishlists on Steam, which was more than what we initially expected and showed us that people really like the Republic of Jungle's idea, and that's great news for us. As a reminder, if you haven't wishlisted our game on Steam yet, you can do it on our store page.

We also showcased our game at Seattle Indies Expo and discussed the game with Negaoryx and Stephazoid and answered some questions from the community. You can watch the recorded version of our SIX presentation here.

Regarding the development of the game, here's a list of what we're currently working on:

  1. Improving the UI/UX for both our host and client by adding new art assets and animations.
  2. Tweaking our power drop mechanic and testing these new ideas.
  3. Adding audience interaction mechanics so that the RoJ streams can be more engaging for the viewers, and they can actively do stuff in the game while watching the stream.
  4. New characters and new cut scenes.

And that's it! Once again, make sure to join our Discord server, follow us on Twitter, and wishlist RoJ on Steam. As you probably already know, we also have a live Alpha version you can access on our website. Play Republic of Jungle with your friends and send us your feedback. I can't emphasize enough how your feedback has improved the game so far :)