Update #2: Seattle Indies Expo, 5 Player Support, and more artwork

We are excited to share with you that our game was accepted to Seattle Indies Expo, where it will be featured next to some of the great upcoming indie games from of the Pacific Northwest. It's a free online event, so be sure to check it out if you're interested.

We received a lot of positive and encouraging feedback from the jurors at SIX. Here is some of the highlights:

"This is a clever take on this genre of online/social party games"
"Ease of jumping into the game and the overall ux of the experience are awesome!"
"The character art was also really well done..."
"It was absolutely engaging!"
"You've got something great here!"
"You've digitized this in a really ingenious way"
"Creative twist on the social deception category, and I could definitely see this being popular."

Our thanks goes to the jurors who volunteer to contribute to the indie game community and spend time providing thoughtful feedback.

We have another exciting news: You can now play the game in no-roles mode with 5 players. This should make it easier for new players to get a taste of the basic mechanics with a smaller group of friends.

And at last, a reminder that we share some of our early artwork in our Discord. We are experimenting with some ideas about adding more depth to our art and theme, so if you tell us what you like more, it can decide if something makes it into the final game. Join our Discord to be a part of this. Here is a tease:

... and as always, we appreciate you playing and sharing Republic of Jungle with your friends. Our community is getting bigger slowly but steadily, and each new member is a great encouragement for us. Thank you!