Update #1: A summary of our work so far + our new homepage

First, let me give you the last update. We have a new homepage for Republic of Jungle at republicofjungle.com. The homepage will be the center of all information and updates about the game, as well as the entry point to run the alpha version of the game. We will continue working on it, especially to make the on-boarding process as easy as possible for newcomers. Hopefully, the nicer-looking page encourages you to share it with your friends! wink wink.

The rest of the blog is a summary of all the things we have done so far. Since April, when we started to commit to the project full-time, I have been meaning to starting writing regular updates. It never seems to be a perfect time to start, especially with all the work piling up, so here we go.

  • Set up our software infrastructure on AWS with scalability in mind
  • Developed the game server in Node.js and front-end apps (host and controller) in React, based on earlier prototypes
  • Set up our websites (both gerdoo.games and gerdoo.tv)
  • Started our Discord server, email list, Facebook group and social media accounts to build a community of early adopters and run playtests
  • Built a telemetry and feedback system, so we can collect game records and user feedback
  • Hosted regular playtests with friends and community and collected feedback
  • Incremental improvements in game balance, mechanics and UX based on player feedback
  • Reached out to other communities of social deduction fans and streamers and got some traction
  • Found a great full-time art director that shared our passion and vision and started working with him on our early concepts and arts
  • Re-branded the game from 'Palace Intrigue' to 'Republic of Jungle'
  • Revamped our whole host UI from the early prototype version to an upgraded version with new characters
  • Production of our promo video (President Puma's speech) with our friends' help with voice-acting and music
  • Tons of other little boring things that don't deserve your time

With hundreds of games played, we are very happy with our progress in about 3 months, and it's exciting to see our vision getting closer to reality one step at a time. We have started to show our game around more seriously and submit it to various game events and conventions, all of which are being held online this year. We still don't know how that would affect our exposure, but we are hopeful. After all, our game is great for getting together with friends online and have a fun party game; something that we all need more than ever.

Finally, I want to thank you for your support and I want to ask you to please forward our game (republicofjungle.com) to your friends. We have a small community right now, and word-of-mouth is the best way for us to reach out to more fans. Better yet, play the game with your friends! If there is anything we can add to give you more reasons to play, please let us know. You can always provide feedback in game or directly email me. Looking forward to hearing from you, and the next updates won't be this long!